YNM Rainbow Honey Lip Balm (3g)

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The color of the lip balm changes depending on the temperature.

This honey lip balm moisturizes and smooths dry and chapped lips, adheres to the lips without feeling sticky, and develops into a color that matches your own lips.
It is recommended for those who prefer a one-of-a-kind package because it is brilliant and sparkling in and of itself.
It is appropriate for those who want to maintain their original lip color, and the smart temperature sensitivity function, which changes depending on the temperature of the lips, develops more vividly the more you use it.
This base lip balm enhances the color and color of the lips, allowing you to create your own lip color as desired.
It's a standout moody product that works for any occasion or setting.
With just one application, it shows clear and transparent colors, and the more you apply it, the more vivid the color. It has a melting texture and a strong protective film that adheres to the lips without leaving a sticky residue.

Apply it evenly to the lips as a moisturizing lip balm for chapped lips or as a base lip balm to help with lip texture and basic lip care.
It can also be used as a lip treatment before going to bed by applying a thick layer to the lips. Provide double lip care, day and night, without drying out your lips.

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