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Why are there so many samples available for sale?

As we are one of the biggest importers for branded cosmetics, we can buy the goods in bulk at low prices and sell them at promotional prices.

Why is it that you can sell the products at such low prices?

As we have direct network connection with the country of origin of the products, we are able to save and cut down on cost incurred with middlemen.

How can you convince me that your product is new and genuine?

Batch code can be found printed on all cosmetic and skincare products. It identifies and indicates the manufactured date of the product. If you wish to clarify the manufactured date of the product, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit any of the cosmetics counter available at department stores. Expiry date of product is usually three (3) years from the manufactured date.

Why choose sample size?

Price of sample size product is definitely lower than normal size. Good news for travellers. Sample size is light to carry and minimize space in the luggage bag. Our sample size qualifies for hand-carry in the airplane, especially since the volume in sample size contains less than 100ml. (Requirement by Airline Regulation Of Singapore is "Each bottle must not carry a quantity more than 100ml for hand-carry into the airplane".)


Cost comparison between sample size and normal size.
Example of Facial Treatment Cleanser:

  • Sample size: 20g per pc x 6pcs = 120g Cost = S$30.00
  • Normal size: 120g per pc x 1pc = 120g Cost = S$70.00

Cost Saving for same quantity but in different size = S$40.00 or 57% less The above illustration shows that we can buy double or triple the quantity with the same amount of purchasing power.

Color is different from the website

Actual color may vary from the picture shown. Please understand that there may be some slight color variation in the product between the website and the actual product due to your monitor setting. We will try our best to reflect the truest colour as much as possible.

Are they genuine?

Best Buy World takes pride in selling true and genuine products. We will not sell any fake or imitation goods.

The price has increased from the last time I ordered.

At Best Buy World, we constantly strive to keep our prices constant.

However, we may have to adjust our selling price from time to time as prices increase. All prices and offers are subject to change without prior notice.

What is Tester Size?

Tester size is brand new, unused. Testers are usually supplied in either plain boxes, and sometimes do not have a box and lid on the bottle.

Testers are produced for stores to sample the product for their customers. Exactly the same Fragrance but comes in a bottle marked as a "Tester / Demonstration", and may also state "not for resale".

Testers are usually produced in the largest size available of the product, so you will enjoy the largest size of your favorite fragrance at a much lower price.


How do I know if my order has gone through?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation with the order number upon successful transaction.

In the event that you did not receive any e-mail confirmation, please login to your account and check your shopping cart to see if you have checked out all items successfully.

How can I know whether my order has been processed?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation with your order number and items ordered. This means that your order has reached us successfully.

My order has gone into "pending" status. What should I do?

In the event of:

  • Accidentally pressing the “back” button on the webpage;
  • System timeout;
  • Leaving the payment page open for an extended period of time; etc.

Your current order will go into an interim “pending” status. We regret to inform you that you will not be able to retrieve this order. Pending orders will be automatically cancelled by the system in approximately 3 hours from the time of order submission. Any Best Buy points used will be refunded as well. Please proceed to re-submit a new order.

I'd like to cancel my order.

We regret to inform you that orders once confirmed are not allowed to be cancelled without a valid reason, e.g. wrong colour, wrong size, etc.

All cancellation requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and the company reserves the right to reject a cancellation request if deemed to be based without a valid reason. Thus, we seek your kindest cooperation in reviewing your order carefully before submitting your order. You may be liable for cancellation charges.


When can I get my order?

Orders placed on Monday before 12pm will be delivered from Tuesday-Thur. For orders placed on Tuesday to Thursday before 2pm will be delivered in the next 3 working days. Orders placed on Thursday 2pm to Saturday 9am will be delivered on the following Monday-Wednesday. If not, it will be delivered the following working day.

Please refer to the Delivery Schedule when approaching and/or after Public Holidays.

How do I know what time will my order arrive?

Delivery is made during normal business hours. Our delivery team will give you a call or send a text message to inform you prior to delivery on actual delivery day.

Can I change the delivery date?

Yes, you may change the delivery date. Kindly indicate the date of delivery in the comments section when checking out.

What happens if I'm not available at the time of delivery? Will the order be delivered to my mailbox?

If you are unavailable to collect the delivery personally, you may authorize another person to collect the item on your behalf. Orders will not be delivered without any acknowledgement of receipt from the customer or their authorized person(s). In the event of non-delivery, we will contact you again to arrange for an alternate delivery date and time.

Do you ship to international address?

Yes. We provide the international shipping. For more information please click here.

Returns & Refunds

I use your product and got an allergy. Can I return and get a refund?

We are sorry to hear that you developed an allergy from the product. Depending on the skin condition, different individuals may get different results in using the same product.

Best Buy World is not liable for your skin condition after using the products. No return or refund will be accepted.

After using a product, I find that it's not what I want. Can I return it?

We do not accept returns once the product has been opened and used.

The product's manufacturing / expiry date is older than expected. Can I exchange it?

All cosmetic products have a shelf life of 3 years from the manufacturing date, and are not considered unusable till past the expiry date. We do not accept exchanges for such cases.

The product is damaged. Can I exchange it?

You can exchange the product if the product is already damaged when delivered to you. We will bear the delivery cost and replace with a new product. In the event that the damaged item is no longer available, we will advice you to replace with another product.

I broke the goods but I've never used it. Can I return it?

We will only accept exchange if the goods are already broken when it reaches you. We do not accept exchange or return otherwise.


What are the payment methods?

We accept cash on delivery or credit card payment. We apologise that we do not accept bank transfers.

Is it safe to input my credit card information?

Please be assured that we are operating on a secured system and credit card information will not be given to any third-party.


I can't login to my account.

You may have entered an incorrect e-mail address or password. Please check and try again.

I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

Simply click on "Forgotten password" link and a new password will be sent to you. Login with the new password given and change to a new password in your account settings.


I can't receive e-mail from Best Buy World.

Please check your junk folder as it may have ended up there. Otherwise, please contact Best Buy World directly.

How do I subscribe/ unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can turn on/ off the newsletter alert in your account settings.

Can I have any discount when I buy a lot of products?

Our prices are possibly the lowest in town. We do not give direct discounts. However, please check back regularly as items go on sale from time to time.

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