Tamburins The Shell Perfumed Hand Cream - FEY9 (15ml)

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Fig tree | Ambrette seeds | Bittersweet

A fig's flower blooms inside its fruit, emanating a refined scent. Bittersweet notes from the fig’s leaves and fruit add complexity to the fragrance, while the smooth harmony of ambrette seeds and amber enchants you with a profound, lingering aftertaste.

Cream-type perfume that can be used like perfume.
As a fragrant hand cream that doubles as perfume, PERFUME SHELL X absorbs quickly into dry and delicate hands. With a fresh, light, and non-sticky texture, the formula provides rich nutrients while emanating a captivating scent. Soothing weary hands exposed to daily harshness with comforting hydration, PERFUME SHELL X leaves your skin soft and supple with a moist sheen.

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