Tamburins The Shell Perfumed Hand Cream - 000 (15ml)

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Sandalwood | Patchouli | Wet soil
The coolness of bergamot brushing the tip of the nose, the scent of patchouli reminiscent of wet soil, and the grounding sandalwood invite us to imagine the earth's vitality that we experience when we hold an armful of freshly picked wildflowers.

Cream-type perfume that can be used like perfume.
As a fragrant hand cream that doubles as perfume, PERFUME SHELL X absorbs quickly into dry and delicate hands. With a fresh, light, and non-sticky texture, the formula provides rich nutrients while emanating a captivating scent. Soothing weary hands exposed to daily harshness with comforting hydration, PERFUME SHELL X leaves your skin soft and supple with a moist sheen.

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