Tamburins EDP Spray - Bilingual (50ml)

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Marshmallow | Orange blossom | Tobacco

Bilingual, inspired by the experience of meeting two different languages, and expanding them into newmeanings. Combine the neat orange blossom floral scent with marshmallows infused like soft cotton candy, contrasting bitter and leathery tobacco notes mix. The two opposite fragrances that existed independently harmonized by wrapping together. It is a unique experience of an unusual scent harmony.

Tamburins Perfume
The undefined beauty that Tamburins discovered. Feel the colorful changes in scent that occur over time. Inspired by all the stories scattered around the world, the sensuous scent gives the monotonous daily routine a free and new rhythm.

The Aesthetics of Tamburins
A tactile experience that the gentle curve gives, in contrast to a sharp first impression that feels straight, offers an interesting sense synesthesia as if you were reading things with your fingertips.
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