Shu Uemura Botanicoil Indulging Plant-Based Cleansing Oil w/box(150ml)

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A 99% plant-based gentle makeup remover infused with Japanese yuzu for indulging aromatic relaxation and calmness.

This cleansing oil is formulated with the best combination of more than a hundred oils and emulsifiers to effectively yet gently remove all makeup. The 99% biodegradable, plant-based natural formula preserves skin’s moisture, leaves skin hydrated and infinitely smooth. Iconic Japanese yuzu extract contains citric acid and vitamin c for skin improvement and fatigue recovery. With an aromatic blend of citrus herbal essential oils, it provides an addictive relaxing experience, leaving your skin and mind deeply balanced and calmed. Indulge yourself and feel the healing energy of natural plants during your daily cleansing routine.

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