IRERUDAKE Shoe Insole [Size 21] Made in Japan (1 set)

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Reduces pain and fatigue and makes it easier to stand, walk, and run!

Just put in your usual shoes

It is said that the feet are extremely important places for the body so that it is said that "health is from the feet" and "foot is the second heart". When the balance of the soles of the feet is lost, it may have various adverse effects on the body. IRERUDAKE is an insole that firmly supports the arch of the sole of the foot and supports the balance of the whole body during walking and sports.

Furthermore, the action of the "dark place ion catalyst", which uses a metal that is harmless to the human body, provides antibacterial and deodorant action, and protects your feet from various germs.

What is TRFT:

Three bulges TRFT (Triple Rising Force Technology) located in the center of the insole are our unique technology that acts on the three arches on the soles of the feet that support weight to help you walk comfortably.

The parts that make up the three bulges, which are the core of this product, are all arranged by hand according to the numerical values ​​of the detailed design drawings.

Please note:

・ Please use as an insole of shoes.

・ If necessary, use scissors to adjust the size.

-If you have a removable cup insole etc., remove it before using this product.

・ If you feel any abnormality in your legs or body, do not continue usage.

・ This product is not for treatment. Please consult a doctor before use if you have a blood circulation disorder or have a wound, eczema, or swelling on your sole.

* The color of the surface of this product may vary.

・ Half size is not available. Example: We recommend 25 size for 24 1/2 size.


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