Cosme Decorte Dip in Glow Cream Highlighter 001(6g)

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A new texture that melts onto skin
Warmed by your body heat, it melts the moment it touches your skin. A perfect balance of our newly developed “Melty Slide Gel” and “Grace Touch Gel” means this highlighter will feel so effortless, you’ll think it has been absorbed by your skin.

Creates the same hydrated, lustrous look of skin after skin care
Oils with high skin affinity and highly-translucent pearl impart a hydrated, glossy sheen. Provides the perfect balance of tone and hydration, like you’ve just completed a skin care routine. For skin with a natural gloss.

Multi-use formula to suit any foundation
The multi-use formula suits any kind of foundation -liquid, powder, cream, you name it. Adheres snugly to your base makeup, preventing smudging, while also turning on an over-layer of natural radiance. Also use to add glow during touch-ups.

Lasting fluid radiance and hydration
Locks in moisturising elements for a hydrated finish that lasts. Hydration also guaranteed for areas prone to dryness.

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