BIODANCE Hydro Cera-Nol Real Deep Mask Sheet (1pc)


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This product contains powerful soothing ingredients in one sheet of mask pack.
A product that contains the recipe of Cera-nol, which has perfect moisturizing and quick soothing effects.
A mask pack with BIODANCE's hydrogel technology for deep moisturizing and soothing.
The triple soothing recipe of Cera-nol is firmly established for sensitive skin, allowing the active ingredients to be fully absorbed into the skin.
Shows a 121% reduction in skin redness immediately after use, demonstrating a skin soothing effect.
Shows a 951% increase in skin moisture immediately after use, a 166% increase in skin moisture even after 150 hours, and an immediate 683.72% increase in deep skin moisturization up to 15 layers of the stratum corneum.
When the skin is dehydrated and weakened, the evaporation of surface moisture increases rapidly as the skin temperature rises.
Shows a decrease in skin temperature of -5.16 degrees immediately after use and stabilizes the irregular skin temperature with the triple soothing recipe of Cera-nol, which immediately builds up collapsed barriers.
The opaque sheet gradually becomes thinner and more transparent, delivering the effective ingredients deep into the skin.
After 8 hours of attachment, Cera-nol mask shows a 119.7% increase in skin soothing and redness improvement compared to the control group, and the skin is safe even after 8 hours of attachment.

Featured ingredients

Provides a quick soothing effect by containing BIODANCE's unique ingredients (D-panthenol, oligo hyaluronic acid, 5-layer ceramide).
D-panthenol in the Cera-nol goes beyond moisturizing effects as a main ingredient of over-the-counter medicines, providing skin regeneration and anti-inflammatory support, and restores the compromised skin barrier and offers fast soothing, with 3 key ingredients that understand the skin structure.
Packed with 50,000PPM of high-purity glacier water, it provides a moisturizing film that wraps around the skin for a hydrating effect.
Provides a moisturizing water barrier that helps the absorption of effective ingredients with 50,000PPM of mineral-rich pure glacier water and specialized moisturizing and soothing ingredients, wrapping the skin.

How to use

After cleansing, tidy up the skin texture with a toner, then take out the mask and apply it closely to fit the shape of the face.
Remove the mask when it becomes transparent.

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