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Abib Gummy Sheet Mask - Heartleaf Sticker

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Why we love it
Heartleaf sticker that perfectly adheres on the face to provide 10-min intensive soothing care of sensitive skin.
Complete with more effective ingredients and clinical results to provide more quick and intensive soothing effect.
Provides more effective and powerful soothing care with Houttuynia cordata.
Completed dermatology test for acne skin to be carefree on sensitive skin types.
Helps with reducing whiteheads, blackheads, and sebum after 4 weeks of use.
Soothes sensitive skin with moisturization just in 10 minutes.
It was confirmed that the product soothed skin that is damaged from external irritation, lowered physical irritation and improved moisture loss of percutaneous layer of the skin, along with preventing moisture loss and soothing irritated skin after using the product for 10 minutes.
The four-times greater adherence of ultra-fine sheet completely sticks and seals on every corner of the face to effectively deliver essence to the skin.
The ultra-fine sheet weaved from special technology presents super soft texture.
The sheet size has been changed to fit on various kinds of facial shapes without touching the hairline yet to provide full coverage of chin.
The ampoule-type essence made from one bottle of serum provides refreshing moisture for a long time without any stickiness.

Featured ingredients
The soothing synergy complete with Heartleaf extract that has been strengthened for five times and three different kinds of Heartleaf active complexes allows comfortable soothing care of sensitive skin.
The liposome technology that puts key ingredients of Centella asiatica in a power form into a micro capsule helps with effective absorption of active ingredients.
How to use
1. After cleansing, wipe off the skin with face lotion.
2. Open the product to evenly attach the mask on the entire face except for eye and mouth areas, and then slightly expand and adhere the mask to fit your face.
3. Remove the mask after 10~20 minutes.
4. Gently pat to absorb the essence to the skin.
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