Pearlosophy Amazing Beauty Emulsion (150ml)

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Pearlosophy pearl aesthetic star skin care products.

Delicate and smooth texture, light and easy to absorb.

Contains 80 % pearl fermented essence and 5 raw materials imported from the French sea and added plant soothing and repairing ingredients.

Gentle and effective skin care.

Use with bubble cleanser and pearl fermented essence water to create a moist, plump, lustrous and translucent " bulb muscle " 

150 hours of fermentation and brewing

Tahitian black pearl

After 150 hours of fermentation

Condensing and extracting the soul component of pearl aesthetics——Pearlosophy MP Ferment

5 major French CODIF sea areas to import raw materials blessing

Infuse the power of the ocean into the water and milk, and bring more wonderful

1.Deep ocean water moisturizing     

2.Hydrolyzed alginate revitalizing and repairing       

3.Coral algae extract soothes translucent   

4.Chlorella Extract Firming Elasticity   

5.Seaweed extract purifies and brightens the skin   

8 major functions converge

Hydrating / Moisturizing / Repairing / Soothing

Brightening / Translucent / Elasticity / Firming

Over time, witness the beauty of the skin upgrade

10 No added 

Trichlorine / Sulfuric Acid / Mineral Oil / Talc /MCI Preservative

MI Preservatives / Phenylmethylketone /  Artificial Colors / Artificial Flavors / Animal Ingredients

Pure as ever, ingenuity for you

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