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The placenta is an organ within the expectant mother that nurtures new life. The placenta is a treasure house of nutrition! The constituents intrinsic to the placenta, known as the 'source of life', support the skin's natural ability to self-regulate its beauty and give the skin a certain vitality. It also reduces your wrinkles and slack.

Adjusts the skin's rebirth rhythm to nurture smooth, fine-textured skin. Also gives the skin surface a silky smooth appearance.

The same constituent as the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) contained in human skin, deeply penetrates to the depths of the skin in its extracted form. Gives a fresh look.

Adjusts moisture deficiency and uneven texture which causes dullness and leads to radiant skin with uniform transparency.

Works on skin that has dried out and flaked due to sun-burn. It also restores moisture and transparency. Does not give in to damage and restores healthy skin.

Placenta Extract is fully extracted from the placenta's skin-enhancing elements and is produced in a careful way to ensure a high-level of safety is maintained. The placentas used by Bb Laboratories are harvested from healthy sows from contract farms.

This Placenta Extract is free from fragrances, colouring and surface acting agent. Thus, the smell is derived from the placenta extract itself. Not adding anything superfluous and not taking away anything needed.

Made in Japan
For All Skin Types

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