BB Laboratories PH Moist Firming Serum (58g) Exp: Dec2023

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A new addition to the Pro HOME range!
Introducing a fast-acting, skin-firming serum.

PH Moist Firming Serum addresses the signs of aging - a major concern for women - by immediately tightening skin from the outside with the shape restoration gel. Meanwhile, the ingredients in this Serum deliver skin firmness and elasticity from the inside, resulting in tight and glowing skin.

3 Targeted Approaches to Deliver Beautiful Skin
(1) External: Tightens the skin with Shape Restoration Gel
(2) Massaging: Lifts the skin with our original technique
(3) Internal targeting: Delivers firmness and elasticity with beauty ingredients effective for the signs of ageing

■Decreases the appearance of fine lines caused by dry skin.
The product’s efficacy was confirmed through evaluation testing conducted by a specialist third party and based on the Cosmetic Function Evaluation Guidelines.

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